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Director Downloads

This area will contain schedules, parking maps, and other details important to the event.

  • Click here for the current festival schedule

  • Click here for bus forms and information and here for drop-off/pick-up & bus parking maps.

  • Click here for the current Honor Band roster


Information for Directors

Directions / Drop-off / Pick-up / Bus Parking                                                 

  • From I-5 North or South

  • Take the 45th street exit and head east on 45th street

  • Turn right (south) onto Memorial Way

  • At the traffic circle at the end of Memorial Way, take the first right onto George Wash. Lane

  • Buses should stop directly in front on the statue of George Washington

  • Unload students and equipment on the curb to the right (west).

  • Students should proceed east past the statue of GW to the entrance of Meany Hall

  • Buses continue to the end of George Washington Lane, turn left on Grant Lane

  • Then turn right on Stevens Way and another right on Mason Road.

  • Buses should park along the right side of Mason road just before the parking structure.

  • Students should be picked up at the same location they were dropped off.

  • Buses should enter from the north side of campus via Memorial Way as GW Lane is a one way street going south.

Arrival Instructions

Please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled warm-up time. You will enter the building from the audience entrance (north side of building) and will see a check-in table for directors in the lobby:

• Please check in with the student volunteer at the table just inside the entrance.
• Plan on leaving four copies of your conducting scores when you check in. This will be for the clinicians to use during your festival performance.
Verify your repertoire and setup at the check-in table.
• A band guide and case storage area will be assigned to you at this time.
• You will be provided: a nametag; a map of the University of Washington campus; a Meany Hall map which includes routing directions between the lobby, warm-up room, and the stage.

During the day…

Please encourage your students to enter the hall and enjoy the performances of by other schools, as your schedule permits.
No musical instruments may be brought into the hall seating area, with the exception of the Honor Band students at the end of the day (they will be provided reserved seating).

Marked areas in the lobby will be designated for instrument and case storage throughout the day. It is also recommended that students be reminded not to leave expensive personal items (e.g. jewelry, purses, cell phones, etc...) as these areas will not be attended by UW students or staff. Directors are welcome to invite parent chaperones to monitor these items, but there are no provisions for secure storage at the festival.

A poster-sized schedule will be posted in the lobby of the hall. Invite your students and parents to reference this schedule as necessary.

During the lunch break (11:30am-12:30pm), there will be a special concert event from the San Diego Marine Band.

Food @ UW

The University of Washington has numerous on-campus eating establishments located within easy walking distance of Meany Hall. The three sites nearest Meany Hall are:

By George Cafe
Located across from the audience entrance to Meany Hall. Smoothies, frozen yogurt, coffee, espresso drinks, deli sandwiches, salad bar, and hot grill services are available.

Suzzallo Espresso & Market
Located just inside the main entrance to Suzzallo Library. This features a large selection of fresh sandwiches, salads, sushi and other freshly-packaged meals as well as an espresso bar.


Henry Art Gallery

The Henry Art Gallery has a small café at the bottom (free to enter) which has sandwiches.

UW Food Trucks in Red Square
Hot Dawgs (hot dogs and sausages), Moto Surf (island food), Red Square BBQ (BBQ), Sunrise Griddle (chicken & waffles)
The UW Street Food vendors located in Red Square do not accept cash.



A variety of food stands available:


University Avenue

There are many, many restaurants available on University Avenue, which is only one block away from Meany Hall for Performing Arts.

Performance Procedures

25 minutes BEFORE warm-up time
Please have your students gather at your designated case storage area. This will be assigned to you upon check-in. You will be accompanied by your assigned band guide. Have your students gather all of the items they need for their festival performance, as they will not return to this location until after the performance and clinic have concluded. Nothing of value should be left at this location. Further, there are no secure storage locations for any items (including purses, coats, jewelry, etc...) anywhere in the warm-up and performance areas.

10 minutes BEFORE warm-up time
The band guide will take you and your students to the warm-up site (MEANY 268), located on the second floor of the Meany Hall. This will involve students walking up two flights of stairs with their instruments out of cases. If you have students who are physically impaired or who have cumbersome large instruments, the band guide will direct these students to the location of the elevator. Band students will be asked to line-up on the wall opposite the lockers until Meany 268 has been vacated by the previous ensemble.

Warm-up Time
You will enter Meany 268 at your designated time. You have a total of 20 minutes of warm-up time in this room and you must leave this room 10 minutes before your assigned performance start time. The band guide will signal you when five minutes remain. Please leave this room and follow the band guide down the stairs to the entrance of the performance facility. Students who used the elevator to travel up to the warm-up room may use the elevator to return to the performance hall. The band guide will instruct the students in the proper use of this elevator.

The band guide will route the ensemble to the stage right entrance of the performance facility. Please wait until the stage manager directs you to enter the stage. The set-up will not be adjusted between ensembles, so the director is expected to position the students without removing chairs or music stands. Please note that each ensemble is only allocated 25 minutes for both their performance and the clinic that follows. This means that upon entering the stage, you need to set-up quickly and perform a representative portion of your program.

An announcer will introduce your band before you begin your performance. Directors will not be required to speak. If you are performing multiple pieces, do not wait for the adjudicators before you begin your next piece. Treat the performance like a concert and begin additional selections when the group is ready to continue.

PNWBF is a non-competitive event. Clinicians will be making spoken comments that will be recorded and made available to you following the event.

There are two portions of the clinic; one for the band and one for directors. Following your performance, a clinician will approach the stage. Remain with your band until the clinician starts working with your group. The band clinician will be on a wireless microphone so the audience can listen to the comments.

After the Performance and Clinic

The band guide will direct you to leave the performance facility from the stage left exit and your students will be routed out a side exit from the seating area into the lobby where you will have the opportunity for a group photograph. Please retrieve your package at the check-in desk before your departure from the festival, which will include:

• A USB flash drive that will contain audio files of your band’s performance, clinic, and clinician comments
• Conductor scores that were dropped off at check-in

UW Band Performances and PNWBF Honor Band

Please plan on staying and attending the afternoon concert.
Monday’s concert will feature the UW Symphonic Band and the PNWBF Middle School Honor Band
Tuesday’s concert will feature the UW Wind Ensemble and the PNWBF High School Honor Band

Middle School Honor Band students: There will be a brief rehearsal in Meany 268 (warm-up room on top floor) at 3:45p. Students should bring their instrument and music that is available for download and printing above. Following this rehearsal, students will head to the Meany stage with the UW Symphonic Band for the performance. Students will sit in the front row of the auditorium and will be invited to the stage after the UW Symphonic Band plays a few selections. Students will sit next to UW Band students and perform two pieces together.

High School Honor Band students: You will enter the audience entrance of the hall, with your instrument out of its case, and sit in specially designated seats in the first two rows. Immediately following the concert by the UW Bands, you will be asked to come on stage and sit next to a UW band member to and perform with them.

Percussion / Equipment Information

The following percussion instruments will be supplied on stage:
Bass drum, 4 timpani (Dresden tuning pedals, no tuning gauges), glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, chimes, gong and piano.

BE SURE to bring your own snare drums (and stand) and cymals (and stands), and clearly mark all to avoid potential mix up with other schools' equipment.

Mallets and sticks will not be provided for any instruments. Please bring your own, and ensure that appropriate mallets are used on each instrument.

Power will be available on stage left and right. If you plan on using power, bring you own extension cord in the event the supplied power does not reach the location you desire.

Amplifiers and synthesizers are allowed but will not be provided.

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