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At dawn I chant my own weird hymn (2017) – Huck Hodge (b. 1977)

David Gordon, trumpet

(World premiere, May 25th, 2017. UW-organized consortium commission of 17 schools) 


A Concerto of Colours: Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Winds, Stephen Gross

(2017 consortium commision)


Rocks, Geoffrey Gordon
(2016 consortium commission)


Hiraizumi, Simon Hutchinson

(2016 consortium commission)

Luminosity: Concerto for Wind Orchestra, Joseph Schwantner

(2015 consortium commission)


Congo Square, James Syler
(2014 consortium commission)


Dark Side of the Moon, Daniel Baldwin 
(2014 consortium commission/double bassoon concerto)


Journey of Gratitude, Satoshi Yagisawa
(World premiere February 2012, Benaroya Hall, Seattle. Erin Bodnar, conductor)

from the language of shadows, for wind ensemble, two amplified pianos, silent film, Huck Hodge
(World premiere, CBDNA national conference, March 26th, 2011
UW-organized consortium commission of 23 schools) 


Precious Metal: A Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble, D. J. SparrDonna Shin, fluteWorld premiere, March 9th, 2010. Meany Hall, UW-organized consortium commission (33 schools)


Symphony #2, Kevin Walczyk
(consortium commission, 2010)

Harvest: Concerto for Trombone and Wind Orchestra, John Mackey
(consortium commission, 2009)

Our Enduring Spirit, Stephen Michael Newby
(chorus and wind ensemble consortium commission, 2009)

Inferno, Daniel Bukvich
Paul Bain, conductor
(consortium commission, 2009. West coast premiere, Brechemin Auditorium, University of Washington, August, 2009)

Concerto Logic, Carter Pann
Akiko Iguchi, piano / Vu Nguyen, conductor
(consortium commission, 2007/8. West coast premiere, UW Wind Ensemble, Meany Hall, University of Washington, April, 2009)

Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Wind Orchestra, John Mackey
(consortium commission, 2007. West coast premiere, UW Wind Ensemble, Meany Hall,
University of Washington, April, 2008)

Finish Line, Cindy McTee
(consortium commission, 2006. World premiere, UW Wind Ensemble, Benaroya Hall,
Seattle Symphony Orchestra's "Made in America" festival, May, 2006)

BANG!, David Kechley
(consortium commission, 2005 & west coast premiere, November 2005)

Haboo, Gregory Youtz
(world premiere, 2005)

Three Episodes for Contrabass Saxophone and Band, Barton Cummings
Jay Easton, contra bass saxophone.
(world premiere, April 2005)

Duo Concertino, Allen Vizzutti
Allen Vizzutti, trumpet/Don Immel, trombone.
(world premiere, February 2003)

Bells for Stokowski, Michael Daugherty
(consortium commission, 2001)

Songs Without Words, David Stanhope
UW-organized consortium commission, 2002 (20 schools)

Symphony No. 5, David Maslanka
(consortium commission, 2001)

Timepiece, Cindy McTee
(consortium commission, 2001)

Blue, James Syler
(consortium commission, 2000)

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble, David Maslanka
(consortium commission, 2000)

Symphony No. 1, David Stanhope
(consortium commission, 2000)

Mallets, William O. Smith
Thomas Collier, vibraphone.
(world premiere, March 1998)

Signature, Aaron Copland
(second performance since premiere, 1997)

Overture from Etude No. 1, for Wind Ensemble, Russell Newbury

Wild Fire, Larry Wolfe
Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombone soloist
(world premiere, January 1995)

Blue Shades, Bill Smith
Eddie Daniels, soloist
(world premiere, January 1994)

California Counterpoint: A Twittering Machine, Cindy McTee
(consortium commission; premiere, March 1994)

Concerto for Marimba and Wind Orchestra, Timothy Broege
(March 1994)

Fanfares and Furies, Craig Weston
(world premiere, 1991)

Preludio, Jean Sibelius
(North American premiere, 1990)

Eastwind, William O. Smith


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