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Concert Band/ Campus Band

Concert and Campus Band

Concert Band

MUSEN 309A / MUSEN 509A - Wed, 7:00p-9:00p, Meany Hall 268

Corey Jahlas, Roger Wu Fu, conductors


Campus Band

MUSEN 309B/ MUSEN 509B - Wed, 7:00p-9:00p, School of Music 35

Corey Jahlas, Roger Wu Fu, conductors


NOTE: For Fall 2020, the concert and campus bands will be combined for a fully online experience, with the intention being to produce a "virtual band" video of a performance for the quarter. All interested students should register and attend the first class meeting on zoom at


The Concert and Campus Bands are both non-auditioned ensembles with members comprised of current UW students (most of which are non-music majors), UW alumni, UW staff and Seattle area community members. Both ensembles play music of similar difficulty under the baton of conducting graduate students and perform one concert per quarter.


On the first day of rehearsal, members of both bands meet in Meany Hall 268 with their instruments to self-divide into the two ensembles, section by section so that the instrumentation of both ensembles are balanced. Rehearsing then begins right away after the bands part for their respective rooms.


Students registering for the course can do so before the first rehearsal if they know for certain which ensemble they would like to join, or can change their course code after the first rehearsal. Add codes can be found on the door of Room 217 in the Music Building.

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