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University of Washington Large Ensemble Wind and Percussion Auditions 2023/24


*Please sign up for an audition here


Ensemble audition excerpts

*The site will be updated as audition excerpts are submitted by faculty. Please check the posting date.

Audition times

*Subject to change based on registration numbers


Meany Hall, room #268
8:30-10:20 HORN

10:20-11:20 BASSOON

11:20-12:45 TRUMPET
12:45-1:50 TROMBONE
2:40-3:15 OBOE
3:20-4:45 CLARINET 


Meany Hall, room #268
9:30-11:30 PERCUSSION
11:40-2:00 FLUTE
2:00-3:00 SAXOPHONE



Meany Center for the Performing Arts, room 268, UW Seattle campus

4040 George Washington Lane Northeast, Seattle, WA 98195


Audition Procedure 

- Sign up for an audition

- Be sure to be available during the entire listed date and time for your instrument. You will be assigned a specific audition slot within the time   range for your instrument. This info will be sent to the email address you list on the form one week before the audition date. If you have a time   conflict, please contact UW Bands TA Shaun Day at ASAP to work out a solution.

- Check in with the audition coordinator outside of the audition room.

- When it is your time, the audition coordinator will guide you to enter the room.

- The audition is anonymous (behind a screen) so please do not speak during the audition. Listen carefully to the instructions given by the adjudicators. Music will be provided but you may bring your   own in as well. The audition will last 5-10 minutes.

- After the audition, please take any music you brought in with you, but leave any music that was already on the stand. 

- You will be sent audition results by email shortly after the audition day.

- Note: As of now, there are no warm-up rooms or areas in the building. However, you are welcome to warmup outside or in the parking garage. We encourage everyone to warm up prior to arriving on campus if at all possible.

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